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We Deliver Cannabis for Free Anywhere in D.C.!

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Miguel - "Friendly service great selection great prices"

Meg - "Very consistent in quality, delivery times, and customer service."

Allie - "Quick delivery ample options to choose from"

Gentlemen Toker:
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"Tree of Life Art is not just a consumer-friendly cannabis store with incredible products at rock-bottom prices, but truly a movement. Tree of Life seeks to pioneer an East Coast cannabis culture that can be independent of and perhaps even rival the West coast cannabis culture that has swept the globe."

"Straight everything is what they say it is you get exactly what's in the pics and their customer service is excellent"

"The best of the best in every aspect. The quality, consistency, and reliability of Tree of Life are by far and away the highest of any cannabis store in the DMV in addition to the fact that most other stores charge 2 or 3 times what Tree of Life does for inferior products. The customer service is incredible, you can tell the team-members sincerely care about the customers and want to help. They shower customers with free extra items (on top of the "free gifts" you ordered) and are very flexible if you want a discounted mix pack or bundle."


Q: Does Tree of Life offer free delivery?

A: Yes, Tree of Life offers free delivery within Washington D.C.

Place your order here and select 'Delivery' upon checkout.

Q: Does Tree of Life allow me to pickup my order myself?

A: Yes, Tree of Life allows pickup orders anytime between 12pm and 10pm. Our curbsite pickup location is Oak Pl NW & Holmead Pl NW.

Place your order here and select 'Pickup' upon checkout.

Q: Is Tree of Life well reviewed?

A: Yes, Tree of Life is one of the most highly reviewed cannabis-gifting art galleries in the Washington D.C. area.

See our over 100 5-star reviews on Google!

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Q: How Does Delivery Work?

A: We have two delivery windows, the first has a cutoff of 2:30 pm and the second has a cutoff of 7:30 pm. You can expect to receive gifts in the first wave between 2:45-4:30 and the second wave between 7:45-9:30. We will always make sure you receive your delivery.

Q: What's a Referral Code?

A: We offer discounts if you use one of the codes provided to you! Tell a friend, pass it along! Referrer gets a $10 coupon and each new referred customer gets a 150mg edible. Contact us to receive a referral code and start earning more gifts!

Q: How Do I Pay?

A: We have three payment methods: cash, venmo, and cashapp. Cash receives a $5 discount, cashapp is standard price, and venmo has a $5 fee. You must show live-feed confirmation of payment to receive your prints and gifts. Cash must be paid upon delivery/pickup.

Q: Do you offer loyalty gifts?

A: We offer a loyalty program for frequent and first-time customers. The more you spend on prints, the more free gifts you receive in each order. We track each order to ensure you receive rewards based on how many orders you've placed and how much each order costs.

Q: Do I get anything for being a first time customer?

A: Welcome to Tree of Life Art! First time customers are encouraged to ask questions and get a feel for the system. We offer a free T-shirt and varying gifts for your first order! For first-time orders over $100 we require verification of payment, our cashapp and venmo tag are $treeoflifeart

Q: I didn't get a confirmation number, did you get my order?

A: Your order most likely did not go through, please try placing another order and make sure to hit confirm.

Q: I lost my tracking number, can you resend it to me?

A: Unfortunately, we can't access individual tracking numbers, but we can give you an estimate as to when your order will arrive.

Q: Can I mix and match different strains to get the bulk discount?

A: Yes, if they are the same tier, we'll give you the bulk price. If you choose strains that are varying prices at large quantities, we will work out a new bulk price based on each individual strain.

Q: If I do a split payment, do I still get the cash discount?

A: No, the cash discount only applies if you are paying with cash in full.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We will exchange defective items for a refund or replacement at our discretion. A product that has already been consumed is not eligible for replacement or refund.

Q: Can I change my order over the phone?

A: We can make small adjustments, but placing a new order is much easier and takes less time. We use analytics to help us determine how much of what is being bought, so it helps us to have a record of what is being sold.

Q: Do fees apply to order minimums, such as the $15 asap fee, or the $5 cash discount?

A: No, fees and discounts are applied after the cart total is determined. For ASAP orders, a $15 fee is applied after a minimum of $75 is met for an order. If you're paying cash, you would automatically receive a $5 discount after the cart is totaled.

Q: I placed an order after the wave cutoff time, when can I except to receive my order?

A: Any orders placed after the cutoff time will not be sent out with the delivery wave. We are open until 10pm for curbside pickup and we also offer ASAP delivery to NW addresses for orders over $60.

Q: When will my order be delivered?

A: It completely depends on how many orders we have in for the night. We send out an ETA to every order as the couriers are dispatched from our headquarters.

Q: Will I get a call before my order is delivered?

A: Yes, your driver will contact you a few minutes before your order arrives.

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Free Delivery:


Curbside Pickup: 12pm - 10pm


ASAP Delivery($25): 12pm - 10pm (Northwest D.C. Only)


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